Accelerating the adoption of AI in manufacturing

Riding the age of convergence
The fourth industrial revolution unlike the previous three is being driven by more than one invention and the convergence of multiple complex technologies - IoT, Big Data and AI. The most complex skill, however, is data science. 4PointX was envisioned by data scientists, contextualized by process engineers, and brought to market by a product visionary.
The 4PointX team comprises of data engineers, machine learning scientists, and industrial process experts. We believe that in the next decade, factories will become smarter and more efficient, driven by an exponential growth in data liquidity.
4PointX was founded by Kiran BM and Adith Haridas who together bring 36 years of experience in data science, modern data platforms, cybersecurity, infrastructure, and telecommunications.
Kiran BM

Kiran is a data scientist and a design thinker who enjoys architecting modern technology stacks and AI pipelines. He has 18 years of experience in predictive analytics and big data platforms.

He was active in designing many solutions that are driven by data science and considered industry’s first. He has worked in multiple domains including e-commerce, retail, telecom, manufacturing and energy.

Kiran is an alumni of the Indian Institute of Technology, Madras. Outside of work, he loves cycling, marathons and yoga.
Adith Haridas

Adith is an entrepreneur and a technocrat. He has donned many hats in his long stint in Cybersecurity, Infrastructure and Cloud in multiple geographies.

He always wanted to get back to his first love which is product business, wherein he loves to sell technology, setup channels and run operations.

Adith is an advisor and board member and has mentored two other “Cyber-physical startups” and a Cybersecurity monitoring program. He enjoys training his colleagues, students & working professionals and has delivered seminars on national and international platforms.

His mantra in life is “learn from anyone and teach everyone”.

Our Advisors

Our advisory board is made up of manufacturing and process industry experts, IoT and M2M architects, design thinkers, and leaders of some of the world's most successful technology companies. Together, we are simplifying the design and implementation of AI in factories.

Premchand Kurup

Founder-CEO of Paramount and Founder-Mentor of Headstart and Barcode. Believes in building people, building entrepreneurs, and building organizations that enhance shareholder value.

Bhaskar Rao

Founder-CEO at Technosphere Labs - a provider of IoT connectivity solutions and engineering design services.

Pattabhi Raman

A veteran in power sector. Previously VP at Lanco Power Ltd. and BPL Power Projects.

Sudhakar V

System and process design expert for power plants. A certified energy auditor and an emerging consultant for renewables.

Steven Suting

CEO at Everlytics - an enterprise AI company. Previously architecting Big Data systems and modern data integration platforms.

Lina Banerjee

Head of operations at Everlytics. Previously heading operations in telecom and industrial automation sector.

Bharath Haridas
Design Thinking

A design strategist at Plug and Play. Currently designing services and innovation programs for corporates and startups.