Energy Consumption

A process-aware specific energy optimization solution powered by ML


Legacy EMS solutions focus mainly on tracking the consumption (effect) but ignore the underlying process dynamics (cause) that influence the energy efficiency of a production line. In addition, these solutions lack the analytics capabilities necessary for providing advanced energy insights to help drive higher efficiencies.


4PointX EMS is a process-aware energy analytics solution that leverages Machine Learning to benchmark the consumption for various production scenarios and uses this knowledge to alert when deviations occur. For e.g., the solution tracks wastage due to equipment idling, tells how consumption varies by product, and gives insights on what process parameters are impacting efficiency the most.

Track consumption patterns

Quickly get answers to all your energy questions using our interactive Dashboards and Analysis tab. Slice and dice energy data by time, shop, equipment and various electrical parameters.

  • What’s causing spikes in energy bill?
  • Is consumption aligned with production?

Idle energy

Quantify the energy consumed during non-production or idling of assets between production cycles. Track idle energy at various levels down to an individual asset. The insights help improve the production planning process.

  • Smart algorithm for detecting idle state

Product benchmarking

Benchmark consumption by multiple product specs to understand how current consumption compares with its historical best.

Abnormal consumption

Automatically get alerted on any unusually high consumption trends that deviate from normal consumption patterns for the equipment.

  • Applies to continuous loads
  • Automatically models consumption pattern

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