Operational excellence in a cyber-physical world

Ingest, store, visualize and build on your industrial operations data at scale with the 4Pointx Platform.

Big Data Stream Analytics Engine

  • Ingest and store high-frequency telemetry data as is without aggregating
  • Explore and visualize billions of data points with sub-second response time
  • Set up alerts and get notified when something hits a threshold

Do more with self-service Machine Learning

  • The 4Pointx Platform features a point-and-click ML interface that doesn’t involve writing a single line of code
  • Find anomalies in Process and Asset health parameters
  • Forecast future behavior of critical parameters for better planning

Self-service reporting

  • Create custom KPI dashboards through our user-friendly self-service reporting feature
  • Monitor current status or analyse historical trends
  • Choose from a variety of chart types and visual elements

Geospatial analysis using Maps

  • Get a bird’s-eye view of all your properties and assets spread across the world
  • Track real-time location of moving assets
  • Combine geolocation with performance metrics to gain richer insights

Live infographics using Canvas

  • Create pixel-perfect, breathing presentations that update in real time
  • Customize the design with your choice of graphics and fonts that showcase what you're all about
  • Ideal for control room displays and site office dashboards

Industry 4.0 Apps come right out of the box*

Predictive Maintenance

Uses advanced anomaly detection algorithms to predict equipment failure well in advance.

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Energy Management System

Reduce wastage and optimize the specific energy
consumption in a production process

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Enterprise ready and GDPR compliant

  • Designed for DR through cross-datacenter replication
  • High resilience and availability (HA) through horizontally scalable clustering
  • Single sign-on (SSO), data encryption and audit logging
  • Enterprise-grade security and governance through role-based access control down to the row and field level

Platform Architecture

The 4PointX Platform converges the three crucial technologies - IoT, Big Data and AI - into a unified architecture purpose fit for your industrial analytics needs.


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